Employee Handbooks

The employee handbook is one of the most powerful tools available to protect your business. It is the foundation of your employment policies. It can be both a guide for the employee and a shield for the employer. It establishes the security the employee seeks, and the protection the employer requires to successfully run a business. Without an adequate employee handbook, the employer runs the risk that a disgruntled employee might seize upon a policy loophole to reap an unwarranted financial windfall.

At Porter Law Group, we have considerable experience battling those who would pounce on the smallest of issues to drain the employer’s financial resources. Our job is to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. We will work with you to help create a successful working environment that avoids costly errors and discourages employee mischief. An important part of this protection is helping you create a successful employee handbook. The handbook sets the standards needed to conduct your business – in the office, in the field, and on the road. Recommended policies include:

  • At-Will Employment Policies
  • Simple Written At-Will Employment Contracts
  • Mediation and Arbitration of Employee Claims
  • Well-Defined Complaint Procedures
  • Flexible Review and Discipline Standards
  • Clear Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policies
  • Well-Defined and Legally Appropriate Leave Policies
  • Proper Break and Lunch Policies
  • Clear Prohibition Against Certain Conduct

If you do not have an employee handbook, or if your existing handbook needs review or is lacking in adequate protections, please contact us. We can help you create a handbook that will serve your employees, meet the requirements of California law, and help protect your business from frivolous and avoidable litigation.

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