Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies
and Programs

Every day, employers face the reality that an employee may be operating machinery, driving a vehicle or working with tools under the influence of drugs or alcohol that can turn the employee into a lethal weapon. The actions of workers abusing drugs and alcohol cause unfathomable pain, sadness and severe financial consequences. Even employees who do not use equipment or tools in the workplace – but are under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol – regularly make important decisions that impact the business in a thousand different ways. Employers need to be assured that their employees are not coming to work under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.

Fortunately, California employers are entitled to implement alcohol and drug testing procedures designed to help protect their business, employees, customers and the public. Not all legal testing policies, however, are appropriate and effective for the given workplace or employer. Some common policies are often misused, exposing the employer to liability for violating its own rules.

At Porter Law Group, we can help your business create a drug and alcohol testing program that works. Our programs include step-by-step procedures to help you deal correctly with various situations, from pre-employment tests to testing of current employees. We will help you create and maintain a safe and profitable workplace, free from the burden of drug and alcohol abuse.

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