Intellectual Property

Legally protecting your intellectual property isn’t just about filing or registering with the authority or having non-disclosure agreements. Intellectual property law is the area of law that deals with all legal rights to intangible and proprietary information. It controls who gets to use such assets and under what circumstances. Fortunately, lawmakers believe that it’s fair for creators to profit from their own work, but the rules for claiming exclusive rights to intellectual property and the rules for enforcing those rights vary depending on the nature of the property.

Porter Law Group has an experienced Intellectual Property Law practice representing a variety of clients in securing, protecting, and using intellectual property, as well as handling complex issues involving technology and the Internet. Our Intellectual Property attorneys represent clients in complex Intellectual Property disputes, including prosecuting and defending claims involving trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, trade names and unfair competition. We provide guidance and counsel to all different types of organizations ranging from non-profits to highly profitable construction companies on all aspects of intellectual property.

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