Porter Law Group has rock-solid credentials and a long history of representing some of the largest as well as some of the most promising new subcontractors in California. As legal counsel and long-time board member of northern California’s largest subcontractor organization, the American Subcontractors Association, William Porter and Brittany Rupley have been at the forefront in representing subcontractors for many years. Whether helping draft successful indemnity reform legislation or statutory changes to insure that subcontractors receive notices of completion, or chairing the committee of California attorneys who rewrote all of the California Civil Code Statutes relating to Preliminary Notices, Mechanics Liens, Stop Payment Notices, Payment Bond Claims, Prompt Payment Remedies and other public and private project claims procedures, Porter Law Group has been at the cutting edge of subcontractor legal support. Mr. Porter is frequently called upon by a variety of industry trade groups to help draft form contracts, addendums, articles and legislation in support of subcontractors. He is one of the leading California lecturers on topics of interest to the subcontracting industry.

Porter Law Group regularly represents subcontractors in a full range of issues, from bidding disputes, contract negotiation, project disputes, and construction defect claims to payment disputes, mechanics’ liens, stop notices, bond claims, mediation, arbitration and court litigation.

We are proud to have represented hundreds of subcontractors in more than 1,000 successful lawsuits since 2000. Whether it is representing a subcontractor on a simple collection claim or a complex multi-party construction defect claim, Porter Law Group has the skill and experience to resolve issues cost-effectively, efficiently, and successfully.

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