General Contractors

Porter Law Group represents some of the largest general contractors in California, as well as some of the most promising new contractors. Legal services to general contractors include legal advice, drafting and negotiating contracts, bringing and/or defending bid protests, contract claims, construction defect claims, delay claims, mechanics’ lien, stop payment notice and bond claims and prompt payment claims in arbitration, mediation and litigation.

Porter Law Group has earned an excellent reputation among general contractors. We work to resolve construction disputes outside of court when possible, but we will not shy from a fight when necessary. Since 2000, we have represented more than 1,000 construction clients in court, arbitration, and mediation, with favorable outcomes in more than 90% of the cases. We have chaired the committee of California attorneys who rewrote all of the California Civil Code Statutes relating to Preliminary Notices, Mechanics Liens, Stop Payment Notices, Payment Bond Claims, Prompt Payment Statutes and other public and private project claims procedures. We are members of the Associated General Contractors of California and the Associated Builders and Contractors of California.

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