Business Formation in California

Choosing the appropriate form of business is an important consideration for business owners. Whether it’s the creation of a new business or the evolution of an existing business, we have the resources and experience to help you. Varied forms of business structures each offer specific, but differing, advantages. These often include protection of the owner’s personal assets, beneficial tax treatment, ease of ownership transfer, limitation of liability, and more.

The attorneys at Porter Law Group regularly counsel clients as to the best form of business to meet their needs and thereafter work to properly and legally form these businesses. We often work with sole proprietors of growing businesses who seek the asset protection provided by other structures. We also work with owners of businesses whose needs have changed over the years, and whose form of business no longer serves their best interests. Beyond the selection and formation of business structures, our clients also turn to us for legal advice on day-to-day matters and annual obligations affecting their businesses including board meetings and minutes, corporate resolutions, stock transfers, business succession planning, annual filings and many other needs.

Is your present form of business the right one for you? If you are not sure, you may wish to explore the advantages of other business structures. Porter Law Group can help. We will analyze your business and personal needs and advise you on the business structure that may offer the best fit for your situation, now and in the future. The process is neither time-consuming nor expensive. Contact us so that we can help you lay this important foundation for your future success.

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