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Employment Policies & Practices

We live in an era where the rights of employers to manage employees can seem uncertain, ill-defined and perilous. Employers are legitimately concerned that an innocent offhand statement, well-meaning compliment or humorous remark will be seized upon by those motivated solely by financial gain.  Fortunes have been lost by seemingly insignificant and inoffensive statements and actions. Sadly, these employers could have been spared had they only implemented effective employment practices and policies.

At Porter Law Group, we understand the catastrophic financial consequences that can result when employers do not address these issues. As a staunch advocate of California employers, Porter Law Group has developed expertise in preventative measures that employers can take to protect themselves from a variety of risks. Our practice includes the following areas:

         Employee Handbooks
         At-Will Employment Policies
         Employment Contracts
         Confidentiality Agreements
         Non-Competition Agreements (when legal)
         Employee Discipline
         Anti-Discrimination Policies
         Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Determinations
         Illness and Injury Prevention Programs
         Overtime and Break Laws
         Family and Medical Leave Laws
         Drug Testing Policies
         Prevailing Wage Issues
         Labor Commissioner Claims
         Dept. of Fair Employment & Housing Claims
         Non-Covered Workers Compensation Claims
         Labor Code Section 132a Claims
         Labor Code Section 4553 Claims
         Arbitration, Mediation and Litigation
If you do not fully understand the topics above, or if you feel you are not adequately protected in these areas, please contact us. We can help you develop policies, procedures in programs to protect your business from avoidable employee claims. Should a claim arise, Porter Law Group will fight it aggressively, working to achieve the best possible result at the least possible expense.