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Representing construction clients is the heart of our practice. We work with contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, developers and public entities to help them minimize exposure to liability, comply with legal requirements, and pursue and defend against claims. We actively represent the interests of our clients by serving on industry boards, and by bringing new standards and procedures before the courts and legislature. We also regularly present seminars and lectures on legal topics vital to the construction industry.

During the early stages of construction, we often assist clients in drafting and negotiating contracts, bringing and defending bid protests and offering timely pre-construction advice. During the late stages of construction we are often involved in bringing and defending contract claims, delay claims, mechanics’ lien, stop notice and bond claims and prompt payment claims. Years after construction is completed, we represent clients in construction defect claims, indemnity and subrogation claims.

While we seek to resolve construction disputes outside of litigation whenever possible, sometimes our clients are left with little choice. We are proud to have represented more than 500 construction clients in court since the year 2000, receiving favorable outcomes in more than 9o% of these cases.