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Construction Defect Litigation

In recent years, construction defect litigation has grown explosively, becoming something of a cottage industry for some. The ease with which construction defects claims are brought, the great cost of defending them, and the cost-effectiveness of simply paying the demand have led to abuse of the legal system. While there are no doubt legitimate defect claims, many claims are unwarranted by the facts and are unfortunately made in hopes of an easy settlement.

Porter Law Group is at the forefront in fighting for the rights of those falsely accused of responsibility for construction defects. At any given time, we are actively involved in dozens of construction defect lawsuits. We tenaciously battle to protect our clients’ rights at all times, while seeking the most cost-effective resolution.

Our efforts do not end there, however. We also meet regularly with practitioners in the field, including those at legal odds with us, to explore new standards and procedures to bring before the courts and legislature. Our goal is to find a lasting solution to this blight on the construction industry.

How can you protect yourself from unwarranted claims? The best way is to take action years before the claim is made. Porter Law Group advises clients on strategies for reducing legal exposure to such claims – whether at the time insurance coverage is obtained, at the time of bid, when contracts are negotiated and drafted, or during and after construction. The financial consequences of defect claims can be catastrophic – and can arise many years after construction is completed. We can help you minimize exposure to such claims. Should a claim arise, however, we will fight it aggressively. We are committed to protecting our clients from the severe consequences of construction defect claims.